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Stone Grinder – Eiríksstaðir, Iceland

Stone Grinder – Reykjavik, IcelandStone Grinder – Reykjavik, Iceland2Stone Grinder – Reykjavik, Iceland3

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Eiríksstaðir, Iceland


Karen Gulliver

On the west side of Iceland, the home of Erik the Red has been recreated at Eiríksstaðir. His son, Leif Eriksson, was born and raised there until the age of 8, when he was placed in the home of another man who taught him everything a Viking needed to know. Considered a man at the age of 12, Leif then returned to his father’s home. Cooking took place in the middle of the room, with all of the household’s members sleeping on benches surrounding the perimeter of the house. In the back of the house was a stone grinder to mill grains. The sound of that grinder, in perfect working order today, is captured here.

Eiríksstaðir, Iceland