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Our Story

We believe that sound travels.

Our project The Touch of Sound brings our audience authentic sound recordings from all over the world. Our content contributors go beyond borders to capture the essence of what surrounds them. What results is a sound, a photo, and an experience. We curate and manage the content for The Touch of Sound’s online gallery with an emphasis on high quality audio. All sounds and photos are 100% authentic captured by real people from real places.

These found sounds have been collected by us on our travels, along with a growing network of worldwide content contributors. We encourage you all to enjoy our world’s sound through our website, but also in your everyday lives. There is much to discover if you just sit back and listen.

Meet the Marks Bros.

We started The Touch of Sound because life is full of new adventures. Few things excite us more than getting off the beaten path. From grand things such as hiking to ancient monuments or simply striking up a conversation with a local, the opportunities are endless if you seek them.

Travel has enriched our lives in many ways. As curious people, it constantly fills our desire to keep learning and discovering. It also is a way to pay respect and carry on the tradition of our grandparent’s passion for exploration. But mostly, it provides perspective and appreciation for all things in life.

Listen to sounds from our recent travels to PanamaVietnamCubaMontreal, Mexico City, and Belize. Also listen back to our radio appearances.

Jesse & Jonah Marks

Belize – January 2014

Jonah Marks

Jonah Marks


I continue to be blown away by our incredible world. As a person who has been fortunate enough to travel throughout the years, I am amazed by the stunning and diverse natural beauty that can be found alongside the modern and ancient cultures. As I continue to explore, my fascination only grows. Each new stop only fuels the fire and inspires me to want to see and do more. My brother Jesse’s passion for sound has changed the way I view the world.

Jesse Marks

Jesse Marks


As a sound engineer, I have been trained to critically listen. This set of skills has changed the way I experience each day. As a result I pay closer attention to my everyday surroundings. Whether it be a voice, a musical tone, or a natural environment, the experience of sound is universal. As I discover more about the world by listening, I am able to reflect on my own life. Without my brother Jonah’s continued drive to travel, I wouldn’t see the world in the way I do today.

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"Traveling around the world opened up my ears." - Ray Charles

Seattle, USA – February 2010

“Traveling around the world opened up my ears.”
-Ray Charles