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Ring-Tailed Lemurs – Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar

Ring-Tailed Lemurs – Anja Community Reserve, MadagascarRing-Tailed Lemurs – Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar2Ring-Tailed Lemurs – Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar3

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Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar


Jonah Marks
Jesse Marks
Bridget Ehrman-Solberg

Lemurs are primates that are endemic to the island of Madagascar. There are over 100 species, but one of the most recognized is the ring-tailed lemur due to its long black and white ringed tail. They are some of the most adaptable lemur species and have a large range throughout Southern Madagascar including the Anja Community Reserve near Ambalavao. This recording captures the lemurs alerting other members of the group that there are predators in the area.

Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar