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Playa La Saladita – Guerrero, Mexico

Playa La Saladita - Guerrero, MexicoPlaya La Saladita - Guerrero, Mexico2

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Playa La Saladita, Mexico
North America


Jesse Marks

Located in Southern Mexico on the Pacific Coastline, Playa La Saladita has a reputation as one of the worlds greatest surfing areas for longboarders. Along with the ideal waves and tropical climate, the area known as Los Llanos, or The Plains, hosts several thousand hectares of fruit trees including Mango, Papaya, and Coconut Palms. Many residents living in La Saladita and Los Llanos today descend from generations of farmers from the region. Thousands of visitors travel to Saladita throughout the year to experience the pleasant and consistent surfing waves, helping to sustain the local economy.

Playa La Saladita, Mexico